Online, Workshop and Tailored Sustainability Solutions for SMEs

Our Philosophy

Individually, the pollution from small and medium-sized enterprises may be minuscule when compared to the environmentally impacting emissions from the corporate sector. En mass, however, the SME sector accounts for 50-70% of global pollution and CO2 emissions. Not only is this devastating for the planet, but a good deal of SME money and resources is spent in producing these wastes and pollutants.

Our approach is to tackle this problem through engagement with SMEs in a positive manner.

This means taking a holistic approach to managing in SMEs, associating waste streams and energy usage with the overall business strategy and processes and engagement with employees.

We recognise that people are a critical element in the performance of SMEs and that they are therefore a big part of the solution to becoming a more sustainable organisation. Integration of company functions, marketing, people and technology, we believe, will ultimately allow for a ‘Profits and Planet’ approach that will reap financial and environmental dividends for SMEs and the world alike.

Our belief is that SME owner/managers are truly capable of making this transformation in their organisations.

We also recognise that SMEs are not simply smaller versions of global corporations and need simple and effective solutions and strategies for sustainability. This approach will allow SMEs to boost their profits, improve their company image, and contribute significantly to giving the younger generation a sustainable planet.