Online, Workshop and Tailored Sustainability Solutions for SMEs


Our three main offerings focus on bringing holistic solutions to sustainability needs. We also appreciate that SMEs often have to start somewhere. The three services we provide can offer SMEs and SME stakeholders a particular focus on where to start on the road to becoming more sustainable and how to benefit from more comprehensive sustainability strategies, tailor made for SME needs.

At Sustainable SME, Dr Factor, our principle consultant, is able to provide generic business sustainability consulting. In particular, he has skills and knowledge in stakeholder management, the integration of sustainability into the organisational culture of the company, working with owner/managers to establish how to make sustainability decisions, which decisions to make and how impart them on the business.

Sustainable SME is also able to work with SMEs to enable sustainable entrepreneurship and innovation. Environmental and social aspects external to current business models present real business opportunities and we can assist to help SMEs realise their entrepreneurial and innovative cultures.

Dr Factor is also proficient in building business strategies that allow SMEs to design holistic sustainability solutions for their business.

Our tools and services will also provide significant capabilities for SMEs in the areas of carbon management, environmental management, impact assessment, designing products for the best environmental outcomes, environmental accounting and reporting.

Online Consulting Services

We will be providing affordable online services for a range of SME needs. Whether you are a small company just starting out on the sustainability journey or a medium sized company already on the journey we will have a cost-effective solution coming to this website.

Whilst we are developing our services it would be interesting to learn of any particular wants and needs you may wish to have fulfilled.


Dr Factor is keen to work with groups of SMEs, local authorities, government and corporations through a range of workshops which we can offer as part of the suite we are currently building OR as bespoke workshops for your organisations needs.

Tailored Consulting Services

Please contact us if you wish to arrange face to face consulting with us.

Stakeholder Think Tank Service

We also are interested in working with SME stakeholders, such as local authorities and corporate organisations that engage with SMEs in their supply chains.

Dr Factor has experience of providing sustainability policy advice to the Australian Government and developing strategic direction in the commercial sector too. He is able to provide that interface between the SME sector, Government and Corporations – providing a Think Tank Service for policy and strategy development.

Local Authorities

We are particularly keen to work with local authorities in developing workshops aimed at developing capacity to drive to sustainability uptake in SMEs.


We can provide policy directive and research services and engage with government to make specific recommendations to make the SME sector more sustainable.


SMEs play a significant role in supply chains. With most corporations taking an increasingly active role in sustainability matters, often SMEs in these supply chains lack the skills, know-how and resources to engage in sustainability initiatives being driven by their corporate partners. We can provide Think Tank Services to help corporations and SMEs move to provide greater sustainability value in their supply chain.

If you would like to know more about our Think Tank Services please contact us.