Online, Workshop and Tailored Sustainability Solutions for SMEs


In 2020 we will be launching a brand new offering to assist the SME sector gain benefits of becoming a sustainable business.

Our approach is simple linking profits with sustaining the planet. Our delivery is designed to be affordable whatever your company size and stage of engagement with sustainability matters.  So whether you want to save time and money and make use of our online consulting services or engage with us face to face through our workshops and tailored solutions, we will be able to help you on the journey to making your company more sustainable, more profitable, more employees motivated and more customers impressed.

Currently, we seek ‘expression of interest’ from SMEs, in regard to our new venture. We are also keen to hear from those stakeholders who work closely with SMEs such as Local Authorities, Government Bodies, Corporations and NGOs

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A launch date is planned for 2020 so keep posted for Announcements.