SME Offerings

In 2022 we will begin the launch of our Online Courses, Workshops and Consulting Offerings.

We are currently developing our introductory online course – Sustainable Business 1.

At this stage we are inviting registered interest through our ‘Courses’ site. No payment is required for the registration and we will notify you with more information.

Sustainable Business 1 will provide you with the basic knowledge to begin to build a sustainable and competitive business. We will explore the concepts of sustainability, climate change, environment management, the social enterprise and how you can sustain a profitable and responsible business.

Beyond this first course we will be offering Sustainable Business 2 & Sustainable Business 3 which will then allow you to develop a more advanced business-focused approach to being a sustainable enterprise.

Our first step is to work with you through Sustainable Business 1.

We are also able to offer Bespoke Workshops and Consulting experiences.

Due to COVID we are currently offering our Bespoke Workshops and Consulting experiences online. Through these offerings you can shape your sustainability learning experience and work with us to boost your sustainability performance.