SME Workshops

We are available to provide workshops to your organisation. Our workshops are tailor made to meet your needs.  We work to build sustainability strategies that meet the aspirations of your company, as well as your operations, customer and stakeholder needs.

We deliver through our specialist online workshop capabilities. Our IT staff are trained and experienced to bring quality online workshop delivery. We also offer bespoke face-to-face workshops.

Workshop Options

Our 1 hour or 2-hour workshop options can be delivered according to your budget and preferred mode of delivery:

> Online Group Workshops – A more, economic way to learn  about sustainability for SMEs and building sustainable business strategies.

Groups can come together online which is an easy and cost effective way to learn about sustainable strategies and what they can do for your business. 

> Face to Face Group Workshops – Where geographically possible will can bring you together with other SMEs in your area and offer an affordable face to face workshop experience. 


> In-house  –  designed just for your organisation. We can work with you and your staff to build and implement your sustainable business strategy.  

If you are interested in our workshop capabilities and want to learn more please register your interest using the button below.