Our Story

Our story begins with the Founder and Managing Director of SustainableSME, Aharon Factor who has over 30 years of experience in sustainability. His career began working with renewable energy and green hydrogen before consulting to international mining companies and intergovernmental bodies in the areas of environmental reporting and best environmental practice.

He became interested in working with small and medium-sized enterprises when he began to work with a small wood moulding manufacturing company in London who were building best forestry practice into their sourcing strategy. After working with several other SME’s during his career he became keen to develop green issues in the SME sector.

Subsequently, Aharon studied for a PhD in Sustainable Business in the SME Sector. He then won funding from the Australian Government to engage with over 300 SMEs in the Business and Environment area and act as a policy advisor to the Australian Government. He has also worked as an MBA coach to business managers and executives in sustainable business, strategy, organisational behaviour and human resource management. 

In March 2021, working with a network of international sustainability academics and consultants Aharon published an international book on Sustainability and SMEs and he is now working extensively with his network and educational experts to deliver online courses, workshops and consulting to help make SMEs more sustainable.